Sure, you can use a bed, especially for two, to cuddle, etc. well, but actually, it is intended as a place to sleep – at least in the sense of the inventor. Cosiness and, above all, health should, therefore, be given more weight in a decision.

And exactly the weight and body shape is a deciding factor: Often a pair is different in body shape; this also means that they have different requirements for their sleeping pad.

So it happens that the lighter partner rolls to the heavier because it sinks deeper into the mattress. This closeness is not always wanted, as you move in your sleep, or you just want to have your peace and your own space. In addition, one is automatically more uncomfortable and unhealthy than the other. From a large, common mattress these body differences can hardly be compensated.

Why a mattress for everyone?

As good as you can fit in the relationship and harmonize when it comes to sleep, unity is often quickly gone. This can not only be because one is snoring and the other is a light sleeper; because rarely have both partners the same demands on their mattress.

That is why it is often complicated with a large, continuous mattress:

Everyone has different stature, different sleeping positions, habits, and preferences. The result is that you have to compromise on the degree of hardness and type of double mattress. And so at least one of the two people is dissatisfied because she sleeps badly. In most cases, even both cannot cope with the compromise solution.

Back pain from the wrong mattress?

The reduction that someone makes when buying a mattress is not only about comfort, it also affects physical health. When making a purchase, it is important that the body is ergonomically correct on the sleeping pad and certain places are relieved as well as possible. A mattress that fits all people, there is not. Buy a good mattress for back painfrom our online store.