The right support and a lot of comforts. These are the biggest plus points of a waterbed. Exactly what you need when you are prone to back pain quickly. Below you can read about the advantages of a waterbed:

  • A waterbed ensures a relaxed posture of the spine, as shoulders and waist can always sink sufficiently;
  • As mentioned earlier, one of the great things about a waterbed is the optimal distribution of pressure on your body. Pressure pain does not stand a chance, so turn around less and sleep more peacefully;
  • If necessary, you can adjust the firmness of a waterbed by pumping more water into the water mattress. This can provide relief during pregnancy or in weight gain/loss.
  • Heat is relaxing and the water in a waterbed is always heated. Do you need a warmer bed because you will be less painful when your muscles are relaxed? Then just set the water temperature a bit higher.

A water bed provides rest and relaxation and lets you (re) experience what it feels like to sleep well and get up again.

What stabilization do I need for my waterbed?

A soft side waterbed is the most commonly used waterbed. A soft side waterbed has a foam (polyether foam) cover to facilitate entry and exit from the bed. The waterbed awakens in many people the idea of ​​a long swaying with every movement. Thanks to stabilization technology, this has no longer been the case with modern waterbeds for years.

In a stabilized waterbed mattress, fiber mats can restrict the movement of the water. The higher the stabilization, the more mats are integrated into the mattress. For 100% and 120% stabilizing water mattresses, lumbar support is additionally attached to the waist for extra support.

A more stabilized waterbed hardly moves and provides more strength. Turning around is easier, as well as getting in and out. For back problems, we recommend a more stabilized water mattress with lumbar support.If you want to buy tempurpedic mattress and want to get information about it, you can take it from our website.