What is the most comfortable mattress? Above all, cold foam mattresses are increasingly gaining followers. On the one hand, cold foam mattresses are relatively light, offer optimal sleeping comfort, the best sleeping climate and convince by their excellent durability. On the other hand, they are true all-rounders: degrees of hardness as desired, selective support elasticity, where it is needed and ergonomic multi-zone construction leaves hardly a wish unfulfilled. This versatility of the cold foam mattresses is made possible by the ingenious manufacturing process.

Highly breathable thanks to the crash process

The synthetic polyurethane is foamed – free of heat and CFC – and then brought into shape. In order to ensure a particularly pleasant sleeping climate and to ensure optimum moisture transport, the already open-celled foam is subjected to a special procedure: “crashing” or “walking”. Here, the foam is processed with rollers, so that all foam cells are opened evenly. The crushed foam – and especially the mattress core are also provided with special ventilation channels to ensure optimum air circulation.

Accurate support for a long time

In addition to optimal ventilation, a highly elastic cold foam mattress supports the body with pinpoint precision, ensuring an ergonomic sleeping position at all times. A high-quality cold foam mattress lasts at least 7 years – and would certainly serve you even longer. For reasons of hygiene, however, you should replace the mattress after this period.

The situation changes

Always lying like that, as with the test lying? Not at all, because even a mattress must first be registered and that can take quite a few weeks! Over the course of this time, the flying characteristics of the mattress change slightly. Although hardness, compressive strength, and density do not change, you will have the subjective feeling of being a little softer. Often the mattress surface also shows slight dents after a few weeks due to the use – that too is normal and no cause for concern.

Please also keep in mind that after a certain amount of time, you simply get used to your mattress and it appears softer than before. This is comparable with a perfume that is still intensively perceived at the beginning and is no longer registered with continuous use.